In my opinion curiosity is one of the major key to succeed.

If we analyze deeper, even unconsciously we are experimenting it every night. We all dream (and even of several topics). Being curious gives us a daily challenge and makes life even more existing! Surely I do not say we should not have our routine (habits make also happy indeed),  but if you have the chance to experiment new things, please take it as a gift!

Why am I saying that? Mainly because of the result. You will produce more Serotonin and Endorphins. These hormones are responsible for joy and happiness. We just need to get out our boundaries, in the best case to accept unexpected things coming, to let it go and more or less: to be spontaneous.

What is your opinion? Studies even say that changing the road for going to work increases our productivity!

Accept unexpected appointments, friendships, gifts, trips… Deal with your fears by creating a list of to-dos (no need to revolutionize your life or to spend a lot of money, as I example, I accepted to go hiking in April and it was one of the best moment in 2015).

Every year I challenge myself. Some people would call that “good resolutions”. But I would define it more as a sort of bucket list. It structures needs and forces us to push our limits. The expectations should be measured, we don’t want to be disappointed. If I shared some examples of the one I have built for 2016, you would probably laugh, but being curious does not mean much. It is very personal.

In conclusion, do not be scared of unplanned moments.

  • Accept to experience everything,
  • Stop controlling,
  • Improvise.

The result will be only positive opportunities and vibes.