Once upon a time I was a little princess and I just simply wished to grow-up within a single breath moment. I was always bored and simply incapable to listen to a teacher or to my siblings. Without surprising me, one second could have been a century.

My mother was not dedicated to her job, she quitted on her life a way before I was born and I had to realize it before I could barely speak. As a kid, I used to count the years to go to my freedom, I was always choosing older friends and my (big) brothers were the best example I could have dreamt of. But still, time was really slow…

Few chapters later, thanks to Facebook I met people from my childhood. All told me they could remember the little Hélo as a the most smiling girl in France, always ready to have fun or to do the clown for the full classroom. I guess it got worse when I have started performing theater (I am really sorry about that J). My public life was a constant show and the teachers were simply turned about their opinion on me. I had the best marks, I was polite but I could pretend to be the same level as they were.

The reality behind was anyway not beautiful. I was brave but scared, worried and unhappy. Every moment at home was a nightmare I could not escape before going back to school or to my father’s twice a month (where I could see my sweet brothers).

In 2016, I will turn 29, and for sure my life is not a slow-motion picture anymore. Now I do not need to pretend to be an adult: I am one. In addition I can say I have succeed as an expatriate and I am very happy with an independent and balanced life. But still, sometimes I do have these slow-motioned moments. I would think about past, present and future. And I am sure you know that feeling. So what can we do about it?


These moments are easy to identify for me, I am very silent (yes the clown stopes the show and becomes more a bear suffering of a winter season). As a woman I would even add that the hormones are sometimes against us and in a way, it makes things hard to struggle. We always manage but still…

Avoid additional stress:

The thing is to know yourself. Do not blame anyone. Simply give this feeling the chance to go. It comes easily and it will leave the same way. Be patient, find the best ways that the time runs faster again. Get back to your adult life: full of opportunities, challenges and key results.


On my side I would read a lot, I would focus more on work or simply on others. But the most important things would be to listen to my needs. I have met people who would prioritize with lists to make things clear or others who would do sport for 2 hours. I really think it is excellent ways (among an infinity of others).

Talk it loud:

Thanks to Thomas d’Ansembourg, I do not mind anymore to be honest and to say to a friend: “I am sorry today it is my me-time and I would probably run at the gym, eat quinoa (or junk food) and get drunk with detox tea. I guess you are not interested and won’t mind to meet tomorrow”. And you know what? First I felt (super) guilty and then I have realized that they all understand. If you force yourself with any kind of activity, you could create frustration, misunderstanding or conflicts.

In conclusion, my long post comes to a single point: when you have these moments of doubts, listen to your body (and NOT to your brain).

Trust the fact it will go away and if you wish, do not hesitate to talk about it. People would remind you the same as I do now: “we all have the same phases and like the moon, we all come back to the full life again – Little Hélo.”