Some people need to sleep more than 10 hours a night, when others require only 5. We can’t really debate about it. The balance is known by yourself. But I have realized that the quality of the sleep is also very different from a person to another. To make it better, I create a routine and try to avoid the usage of IT devices before sleeping as much as I can.

I do not say that it is easy. First because I am a kind of “digital Zombie”, but computers, tablets, smart phones are unhealthy and create more fatigue. The amount of light created makes us producing Cortisol – our body is then more tense, and it delays our need to sleep.

Recently I read this very interested article that I have wished to share:

Here is an extract:

“Slumber, Unplugged

  • Unwind before bedtime. Have a transition period, about 15 to 30 minutes, of technology-free time before you go into your bedroom for sleep.
  • Shut down your bedroom. Make where you sleep an electronic-free zone. According to AOL’s third annual “Email Addiction” survey, more than 40% of 4,000 respondents have checked email in the middle of the night. Put caps over your electric outlets to discourage plugging in for a recharge.”

But I setup my alarm on my phone?

Sure, it is convenient. At least try to switch your mobile in flight mode (about 30 minutes before sleeping). What about finding out which activity is the best to calm you down? (reading, hugging, meditating…).

That is very personal and you can share it with us.

Source: WebMD Magazine issued in January/February 2008.