Quotes are the new trends.

On social media, we can see so many pictures that it makes less and less sense. In my opinion, you should focus on a couple of quotes you really like and try hard to change your habits in order to follow its.

That is why today I wanted to share the one I have at work. It has been the same for years. I discovered it when I watched one of my first Ted conference. You can watch it here. In only 3 minutes it is really what defines me the best!

8 secrets to make your day a success by Richard St. John.

  • Passion (do it for love)
  • Work hard
  • Good (to be) practice
  • Focus yourself
  • Push yourself
  • Serve others
  • Ideas (must be said)
  • Persist (even if you fail)

What about you? Do you follow all these positives thoughts? Share with us.