The definition is very subjective. Being happy means: to achieve its objectives? To have good relations? To provide to others the adequate image? I really do not know.

Human beings have always known the immense difficulty to achieve happiness (we just need to check the Philosophy district in a library). At least we could avoid being unhappy, right?

Everything will be OK

By observing someone very special during my childhood, I have realized it is always easier to be desperate. However to prolong the wellbeing requires daily effort. Why? First, it is personal. There are clear differences between people about their ability to feel good. Studies proved that the human’s evolution seems to have favored the existence of negative emotions. Their functions would be to increase the chances of survival of the species. Fear fosters fight, anger intimidates opponents, sadness attracts compassion… Nevertheless with good emotions and positive vibes, we can access an efficient psychological energy.

 Keep the feeling of unhappiness away

Complaining alleviates our suffering. But at the end, the opposite seems occurring: the repeated complaint without answer can turn into a victim of life. Unhappiness is independent: the more you think about it, the more you extend the duration of feeling bad. Of course life is made of ups and down, we should  not judge people’s reactions. I just want to underline that being positive will bring you more positive things. That is the principle of the attraction’s law of Murphy. It took me a while to understand it. I would suggest you to simply try and observe the results.

Clear your head

It exists surely cases which require medical assistance, but unhappiness comes often from the fact we do not manage to deal with bad emotions. Let’s try to focus on solutions (and not on the problem). In addition, it could be also hormones, and in that case, the best would be to identify it. Asking for medical support is not a bad thing. Take the time to process the idea if you feel to. You can also start a sport activity or a meditation class. Do not stay alone.

Take care of yourself

When I meet depressed people, I often realized that they forgot to live. They just wanted to survive (in the best case). They all had in common the fact they did not enjoy anything – and anymore. Very often they can forget what were their favorite meal or activities. After they have seeing a doctor, I often tried to help them to realize what was their favorite place, smell… It is important to connect them again to happiness. Doing something enjoyable when we are not doing well is not obvious, because we do not feel like it. But that is fundamental to get better. If you have lost a lover, a friend… Please do not forget that our body is like a temple, we are the only ones to have the key. Take care of yourself first.

The power of now

When you have a good day, appreciate it. What about having a book/notepad and write down 3-5 things you enjoyed TODAY? It could be anything: eating that Italian chocolate, receiving a long smile from a child at the bus station, riding your bike to work… whatever made you happy for a second (or more). Relish welfare! We won’t avoid being sick one day (or our relatives) but we will more happy, more often. We are back to the oldest advice of philosophy: « carpe diem ».

And you what are your tips to avoid unhappiness?