If you had to draw your life, by definition you would have everything: true friends, a good family, an efficient work and you are healthy. In addition you have this warm cocoon waiting for you every evening. But you are sensitive? You feel sometimes empty? Even more, you feel guilty of that?

Most of my students/friends/relatives had these thoughts. Doctors would even tell them they need to relax or to take medicine in some cases. We won’t judge because this symptom is very well known all around the world and I would not say that all the people around us are sick. However they have lost the track to the happiness. And yes, they could be simply bored and infected by “La routine”. I have really learnt a lot thanks to Raphaëlle Giordano and I would recommend you to visit her French website or to read her books. This is an international issue that together we have to focus to solve.

Many solutions exist; starting by taking some moments for yourself and to remember what were your childhood dreams. I am sure you can try to focus on one! It was not that far ;-). Talk about it and achieve it later: take your time, there is no rush. Once you have a goal, half way is done.

We should always keep in mind that we need all of these resources but also we need reasons to live. We can cumulate resources (friends, money, bags, lovers…) to feel secure and/or to follow the rules but we cannot cumulate happiness.

My team and I would stay at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us via email for more information. We are arranging seminars with small groups to change for a couple of days the environment we all live in. “Changes are only coming from inside but support from outside is sometimes needed.” – H.Szabo.