We all know Innocent, European Leader for fresh drinks. They produce juices we can find in the supermarket. One month ago they gave free samples at Karlsplatz Stachus and I could test their products.

Why do I talk about it?

The special thing about this entirely new category, they make natural drinks from fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have time to create your own smoothie, it could occasionally help you to keep your healthy diet. The three varieties are called « Defence », « antioxidant » and « Energize ».

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Why calling it « Super Smoothie »?

Apparently because they enriched the bottles with vitamins, minerals and crushed plant seeds. Or like « super » sugary: 360ml contains 42g of sugar, although the sugar in the innocent smoothies is natural and generally healthy for starting the day, by drinking it I could not imagine it was coming from a simple kiwi or cucumber.

What exactly differ from the others innocent products?

Super Smoothies are a completely new product range  in Germany – for people who are interested in additional health benefits. If we read the composition they did not add sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, emulsifiers. I am very surprised because we can keep it out the fridge (they gave it from boxes) and mine was valid for more than 2 months…

  • Defence Smoothie is made of apple, banana, mango, orange, pumpkin, flaxseed and supported with vitamins C and B6. It would increase the normal function of our immune system.
  • Green Antioxidant Smoothie includes: apple, banana, kiwi, lime, cucumber, wheat grass and crushed flaxseed. They add three antioxidants (vitamin C+E and selenium) in order to protect our cells against oxidative stress.
  • Energise is mixed with apple, banana, strawberries, cherries, crushed flaxseed and guarana. The vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and B6 contained contribute to boost the metabolism.

Taste – price

Well, nothing special so far when you drink it but I liked the taste (my colleague did not at all). Of course I would rather prefer to go to « Super Danke » or to do it myself. Anyway it could be a good alternative for our lazy days. According the price, I found it at Rewe for 2,49€/bottle.

Company policy – Packaging

Innocent is part of a « Sustainable Agriculture Initiative » and the packaging had been recycled.  They are testing the German market and would offer new products next year. These « Super Smoothie » are not new. Available internationally since 2014.

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And you have you tried it? Share your experience or tips in the comments section.