Coaching and Detox

Several questions are pending? There are phase where we face our limits or we need new challenges. We support our clients in achieving their goals and make sure they listen to their needs (body and mind).

As an influencer, Heloise (and her collaborators) share  tips and habits to make your life brighter. Heloise is born in Paris. But in 2012, Heloise have decided to build everything from zero. She had the chance to meet excellent mind and body trainers who made her a healthy person.

“I wish to make the same for others and started learning harder. Passionate by psychology, travel, theater and food, feel free to contact me to explore deeper your own world.”

How we support – DETOX (in) MUNICH:

  • You need someone to follow your new lifestyle
  • You would love to try a retreat (yoga, detox and spirit)
  • You wish more clarity
  • You are expatriate and feel lost
  • You wish to be more secure
  • You wish to start a new path in your life
  • You need to understand how your work and what is happening
  • You would like to identification of your personal strengths

As you can already read, the answer is inside YOU! Contact us – This website is yours. Share your story with our team, be an actor of our lives.

Let’s find out what’s really important for you and join the new path!


« All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits – practical, emotional, and...
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It could be at work or only during your private time, but practice things like if it was the last...
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Sports condition both your body and your mind. In addition it will help to maintain your focus. With any exercise...
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As a science, they interpret the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food. A poor or fat diet may...
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New habits designed to rid the body and your mind of any negatives impacts. The frequency is very personal, such...
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Remind you all the good activities you have done within the day. It will improve your self-perception and that is...
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