We are providing the perfect place for feeling better, safe and recover. The location depends on the project we individually plan according our customers. It is all the time surrounded by pure nature, forest or mountains (Alps) and few hours maximum from Munich.

Thanks to the nature you can discover and improve yourself. Our team will define the planning with you and you would be able to retreat and rejuvenate or practice yoga on daily basis. According your wishes, you can relax, asking for silence, start a detox or simply be very dynamic by practicing more activities.

The aim is to avoid all your daily issues and to find a new dynamism to your life.


  • Daily meditation
  • Yoga and Pilates sessions
  • Massage and Spa access
  • Acupressure
  • Coaching
  • Hiking over meadows and forests
  • Nordic walking
  • Planned menu (detox can be possible)
  • English, French and German

Contact us for more information – This trip is yours. Share your story with our team, be an actor of our lives.


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