Today I had to face a very surprising day. I did not expect anything of what happened. And I would like to raise the following question: why all the good things come to an end? (and not the song ;-)). As a very passionate person, I am very devoted to the people I love. You can’t be with the person, and other hand you need support more than anything. What are the reasons? Why is it so painful?

We have recipes for dealing with breakups from our romantic partners: buying new clothes, actively doing more sport, going out with friends… but what happens if a friend leaves?

With my friend, I was honest

Our friends are the ones who know our truest, our most intimate sides. It explains that once a friend betrays you, the natural reaction is vulnerability. Your full world is collapsing, you could get emotional and what you have shared could be overwhelming. It does not mean we should change, it simply means that we gave a lot, and it is a good process so far.

People are changing

Friends come and go, most of them without noticing it. Life is like a road, people take the direction they wish to. There is huge part which is not personal. Acceptance is the key. You might also give up on friends.

How could I trust again?

When we lose a love partner, our friends will remind us how easy is to get a new one. In France, we even say: “One lost, ten will be found”. But friendship, is it not a long-term process? Don’t we build friendships on experience and trust? I have been facing this issue after I lost my two best friends. I always try to remember that each person in my life has learnt me at least one thing. So please, no regret, it was worthing it and as a (life) circle you will manage to see the light again.

Stay positive and indulgent

The first natural reaction would be to protect yourself: fair enough. But life is made of several roads, and another friend will show-up. Try to proceed step by step. You can still enjoy a cup of tea and small talks before jumping to huge confessions. There is no magic tricks to ease the pain but avoiding being social would be the wrong option.