I was writing earlier why we should stop coffee and drink (green) tea instead. If we read studies, green tea is the healthiest beverage known. Thanks to the antioxidants and nutrients which impact the full body.

  • Bioactive effects

Many of the bioactive compounds make these tea leaves different. Studies notice improvement of brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of diseases (such as cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes…). The green liquid is loaded with polyphenols which functions are proved to be powerful antioxidants (mainly for the  skin and the organs). It would protect cells and molecules from issues. If you don’t like Green Tea, you can find the molecule in some fruits and vegetables, black tea, chocolate, olives, extra virgin olive oil…

  • Caffeine

Many people reported me to having more stable energy and being much more productive when they drink green tea. It would stimulate my brain drastically in the morning. Apparently if we compare to coffee, even more. Unfortunately I do not drink coffee, what is your experience about it?

  • Best buddy for a diet

I would invite you to read the following study. It is very technical but the results are impressive. They analyzed and apparently green tea would increase energy expenditure by 4%. As a study we can find also others saying the contrary. In addition, I guess everybody react differently. But at least, it is worst trying (and water is your second best friend, right? :-))

  • “Without milk please”

If you like having milk with your tea, be aware that a chemical reaction happens and reduces significantly the antioxidant value in the Green Tea. You could keep this pleasure for the black tea!

  • Buy higher quality brand of Green Tea

If you can, please try to choose a higher quality brand of green tea. Unfortunately in the lower quality brands we can find excessive levels of fluoride. I would not worry that much anyway, fluoride is also in our tap water and our toothpaste.

  • Which green tea I should buy?

I can’t really advice on that point because I mainly buy mine from the asian supermarket accross my street. But I would suggest to get bio leaves to avoid all the quoted examples in the article. If you have any advice for a brand, feel free to share.

  • How often drink green tea?

More information here. It is said up to 5 cups a day is the best. Do not forget that the caffeine inside the green tea could create insomnia. Listen to your body as much as you can.